Increase Sales Performance with Video Training

Sales Video Blog

For sales-based businesses, employee training is a critical factor in overall business success. Retailers and other businesses that rely heavily on in-person sales have a particular need for well-trained employees because positive and engaging interactions with customers lead to more sales and repeat customers. This is a challenge for stores
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The Real Effect of Video on Political Campaigns

Political Video Blog

We go through it every election season: the onslaught of political ads. Every new communication media that comes along is quickly put to use by political campaigns. Print, radio, video and Internet have all taken their turns as primary political messaging tools, and all of them still have their place
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Post Production: The Importance of Video Editing

Post Production Blog

It has never been easier to shoot video than it is today. Most people can pull a smartphone out of their pocket and start shooting instantly then upload their video online as soon as they stop filming. While it’s great that people can use video to share their lives so
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Use Property Videos to Increase Home Sales

Realtor Video Blog

With so many people today starting their home searches on the Internet, Realtors need to be aware of all the tools available to them for marketing their homes and properties, especially those which add new ways to connect with potential buyers online and make sales. One of the most powerful
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