Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Laura Walsh

Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Laura Walsh – Digital Marketing Manager/Digital Guru Goddess Laura is our expert in all things digital marketing here at Oswego. With digital marketing constantly changing, Laura keeps us all up to speed and even helps us anticipate what lies ahead. She is the power house behind
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Hyperlapse of Golden, Colorado

golden, co

We had an extra few minutes this afternoon – and we were just itching to get outside because it was 70 degrees. On February 6th. Wow. Our DP Jeff Zimmerman has been playing around with some new techniques to get the most out of our gear, and he came up
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US Digital Video Benchmark Report provides insight on trends and opportunities for online marketers and advertisers

Trends Blog

Adobe produces the US Digital Video Benchmark Report that highlights trends in online video activity as a resource for marketers and advertisers. This year’s report shows that the majority of online video consumption continues to be of live sporting events and “TV Everywhere” content. However, it also provides useful insight
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