Video Trends to Expect in 2017

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what we see are some of the most significant trends in video marketing for the year ahead. In this day and age technology seems to advance right before our eyes, so choosing which trends to focus on wasn’t an easy task,
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25 Video Facts for 2017

On this blog we have stressed the reasons why video is so important to your marketing strategy. As we start a new year we thought it would be helpful to provide some interesting data points about the impact video has had and will continue to have in 2017. Impact of
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The Power of 4K Video

4K Blog

Ask someone to describe what it was like to watch something in standard definition; they will have a hard time explaining their experience. The most common answer will most likely be “I can’t believe we ever watched anything in SD.” That is because watching video in HD resolution has become
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US Digital Video Benchmark Report provides insight on trends and opportunities for online marketers and advertisers

Trends Blog

Adobe produces the US Digital Video Benchmark Report that highlights trends in online video activity as a resource for marketers and advertisers. This year’s report shows that the majority of online video consumption continues to be of live sporting events and “TV Everywhere” content. However, it also provides useful insight
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That’s A LOT of video!!!

Have you ever wondered how much video content is really available on YouTube? No longer just a place to watch silly videos, YouTube has evolved into to a video-driven search engine and a powerful marketing tool which has supercharged the volume of content being added to the site. With these
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Online video viewers are an impatient bunch

If you have watched our “Why Video?” segment, you know that research has proven the effectiveness and impact online video has as a communication tool for business. With the increase in the production and consumption of online video, there has been a corresponding growth in the lack of patience with
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