Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Bill Johnson

Employee Spotlight: Bill Johnson/The Oswego Backbone

The secret to Oswego Creative’s continued success? We have Bill Johnson.

Here at Oswego, Bill’s title is “Vice President of Marketing and Operations” – which Bill executes to perfection – but we all know that Bill is so much more. Bill is the voice of reason, the cheerleader, the organizational guru, and the wind at our backs. His business acumen and desire for betterment is a driving force here at Oswego Creative. You cannot help but walk away feeling inspired after a conversation with Bill, whether it is about Hamilton or a new project management system, Bills passion is contagious.

When Bill isn’t crushing it in the conference room you can find him, or try to spot him as he zips past, running marathons. I mean, can this man be stopped?

Bill, thank you for being the backbone that keeps the Oswego Creative head on straight!


Erica (Account Executive & Producer): Bill is pretty much the jack-of-all-trades! His position is Vice President of Operations but he truly does everything. From managing to marketing to producing, he is talented in countless ways. He is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life. When I say that, it goes for both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. I often joke that Bill should be a therapist in addition to what he does because he is the easiest person to talk to and has the best advice. His organizational skills help hold Oswego together and his voice of reason keeps us balanced. Bill always makes you feel like you are heard and appreciated while putting things into perspective and helping you see all sides of the situation. Whether its collaborating with him on work or just hanging out, he is so fun to be around!

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Bill is responsible for taking Oswego to new corporate heights. He has brought order, systems, procedures and a management style that has elevated our business side while allowing our creative side to flourish. Oswego has grown up under his watch. He has answered every request we’ve given him, fun or not. And through all this, we found he is also a producer/writer who can answer that call as well. He’s the best!

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): Commander. Platoon Leader. Ringmaster. Point Guard. There’s a lot of words that come to mind when trying to describe what Bill Johnson does for Oswego, and perhaps none of them really do him justice. Bill fulfills a role that every truly successful company needs.

Someone who helps handle the “big stuff,” in Oswego policy and direction, and someone who can jump in at a moment’s notice hand help get a project out the door next week. Bill’s vast knowledge in marketing and his ability to connect with our staff is absolutely critical to the Oswego machine. He’s a big reason OC has stayed ahead of the curve in our dynamic industry.

Anna (Office Manager): My buddy and my ally! My partner in answering the phones and handling every thing Oswego. I definitely couldn’t do it without him. Bill is someone you can talk to and feel heard. He is someone you can count on to be fair above all else, which is absolutely vital for business. I admire Bill for his endless memorization skills and vast knowledge about everything.

Matthew (Account Executive & Producer): Bill Johnson is the culmination of experience, passion, and integrity. He brings knowledge and a proven track record to every client challenge. His ability to organize and execute keeps the workflow flowing. Passionate, experienced perfectionist. Yep, that’s Bill.

Adam (Director of Photography): Bill knows that the devil is in the details. He is relentless with his pursuit to keep Oswego Creative organized and headed in the right direction. He brings hard work and dedication to all aspects of his life and everyone at Oswego benefits because of it.

Josh (Editor): What to say about “Forrest” Bill…that boy can run! Bill is the kid in class who always does his homework and you would want to cheat off of him. He’s the organizer or brain trust behind our strong operation and always has an open ear to then help find a resolution to problems.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Bill is an incredible man. He is the method to our madness. Our work isn’t exactly like the day-to-day mundane average job out there. It’s chaotic at times. We have a lot of different projects in several stages of development and somehow Bill is able to keep sense of it all. Personally, Bill has been a mentor to me in ways he might never fully understand. I feel that his open door policy and levelheaded guidance has helped me grow into the man I am today. I guarantee he has talked myself and every member of the staff off of a ledge at some point or another and has saved the day more times than I could count. Hiding behind his bow tie wearing alter ego and long-winded emails, I personally believe Bill is Oswego’s own personal Super Hero.

Dom (Executive Producer): Bill Johnson has taken Oswego Creative from company to legitimate business. There are certain processes and structure that any company has to have and for a long time we didn’t. Family business & wearing many different hats probably has a lot to do with that… however it doesn’t mean it has to continue to be ignored. Oswego is on a much better path forward directly relating to his expertise and vision.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Bill somehow manages to be both a leader and a friend. His ability to create order out of chaos is second to none. Bill is one of the most tenacious, focused, organized, and hardworking people I know, both inside the office and in his personal endeavors. While he may be more of a “who drank all of the water?” person than a “glass half full”, it is his insatiable curiosity that makes him a positive influence and someone with whom we are all very lucky to work.