Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Interactive Video

Interactive Video

When it comes to video marketing, time is of the essence. Every second that you get to spend with your audience is priceless. But data shows that you only have 8 seconds to reach, capture, engage, and then convert your audience. How well are you using your 8 seconds? Or would you prefer to a way to increase the time you have with your target audience? One way to cut through the noise is to make the viewer and active participant in the viewing experience through the use of interactive video marketing.


What Is Interactive Video Marketing

Interactive video marketing takes video from a linear, passive medium and turns it into an active, multimedia experience allowing the viewer to determine the direction of the video by choosing which action to do next. For example, there might be a choice within the video to choose A (taking you to an external website) or choose B (continuing on with the video to learn more). Instead of just telling the viewer about your product or service, the video becomes an actionable, interactive tool.

Interactive video allows the viewer to choose their journey, increasing audience engagement, maintain interest, and organically presenting direct call-to-action(s) without interrupting the flow of the video.


Interactive Video Driving ROI

How does interactive video marketing drive ROI? Think about it this way: as a business or a marketer, you are always trying to tailor your message to appeal to a specific audience. But for many businesses they have multiple audiences and audiences that have a variety of interests and perspectives. Traditionally, in order to speak to all these unique audiences, requires the creation of a wide array of content tailored to meet the unique needs of that specific audience. In order to do this, you are investing time and money into a redundant content development and management process.

With interactive video, in a single execution, the very person you are hoping to target in the first place is tailoring the message for you. They are creating their own personalized video, making them that much more likely to stay engaged and make a purchase decision. With each click they are taking themselves on a journey suited just for them. When viewers feels they are in control of their journey 64% are more likely to spend more time watching that video compared to a traditional video. And they are more likely to make a purchasing decision. According to a report by Rapt Media, “videos with choice can have three times the viewing times, two times the conversions, and 14 times the click-through-to-purchase rates”.

Even though interactive video is still an emerging sales and marketing tool, interactive video has already been used in a wide range of industries and applications. Rapt Media, a provider of tools to build interactive videos, has several examples of different ways interactive video has already been used.

Here at Oswego Creative, we began using this tool in 2015 in our work with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The IBEW was looking for a unique way to recruit recent college and high school graduates to their apprentice program. We developed a first person, POV interactive video that allows prospects to discover the benefits of the apprentice program compared to a more traditional career path. But don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself the power of interactive video as you choose your own path.

Oswego Creative has taken our extensive video production knowledge and applied it to this new technology. We understand the necessary creativity and production requirements necessary to develop an effective interactive video and the technical knowhow to build the interactive elements.

If your business is looking to increase engagement, create more meaningful interactions with your audience, and increase your bottom-line ROI, consider entering into the future of video marketing. If you would like to learn more about interactive video, give us a call.