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The practice of media buying is more than just a simple estimate of what types of people are tuning into the most popular radio or television shows. Media buying is a complex and ever-changing analysis of network revenue information, negotiation and a solid understanding of the needs of the client. When it comes to placing a TV ad on-air, there are many factors that come into play. What can the company afford? Where is the audience that they are targeting? And most importantly, what network is offering access to that group at the most affordable rate? The act of buying media may sound simple but the actual inner workings of media buying sound complicated because they are.

The team at Oswego Creative has been in the practice of media buying for more than two decades. Media buyers at Oswego Creative have years of experience not only buying media but have also spent considerable time on the network side, selling time as network media sales representatives. Through years of working with local and national networks, Oswego Creative has represented clients with diverse target audiences, small and large budgets and a variety of campaign sizes. Oswego Creative has a proven track record in selecting airtime and negotiating the best price possible for clients. If you are a company looking for the development of a high-quality television commercial with an accompanying media buy or already have the creative and are just looking for a valued partner to execute their media buying needs, Oswego Creative can provide it all and more.