Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Josh Steichen

Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Josh Steichen/Swiss Army Knife

As an editor and cameraman, Josh has a big hand in many of our excellent finished products. His attention to detail and desire for perfection is second to none. His caliber of work has brought Oswego Creative to the next level.

But not only is Josh integral to our Production and Post-Production teams, Josh is an integral part to our OC family. His quiet confidence makes you want to listen when he talks. His vast knowledge of craft brews, anything that involves Iowa, grilling meat, and movies/film makes Josh the perfect secret weapon for trivia night or your own personal Google search bar. Josh truly is the Oswego Creative Swiss Army Knife.


Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Josh is the creative, quiet, kind and candy-loving member of our Oswego family. He approaches his work with a hunger to learn new techniques and is proud of the result. He is the proverbial student of his trade. He never stops growing.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder): Josh Steichen provides balance at Oswego. He is the calm in what sometimes can be the production storm. He’s very friendly but quiet by nature – yet his editing shouts from the rooftops. Editing is truly an art form. Without it, as it relates to storytelling, everything else is just pictures. Whatever the mood the piece calls for, he gets it! And combined with his ever growing skill behind the camera, Josh is a versatile, valuable cog in the Oswego wheel.

Matthew (Account Executive & Producer): Josh is creative and productive. These are two great strengths because it allows us to give Josh a concept and he can see it, probably better than how you saw it, and can make it a reality. Outside of these two strong talents, the third talent for Josh is that HE CAN COOK. If Josh wasn’t such a good editor, I think he would be a Food Network star. Pulled pork, ribs, brisket… If you can smoke it, he can make it delicious. Yummmm…..

Adam (Director of Photography): Josh is a true student of video production. He loves the craft and that shows with all the work he does. He shoots, he edits, and he does amazing graphics work. A true Swiss Army knife.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): When I think of passion and loyalty, I think of Josh. He is so dedicated to his craft and is always striving to be better, making the rest of us better as well. He never settles for anything other than extraordinary both at work and in his every day life. Josh is someone you want in your corner, you know that he is someone who will always have your back!

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Josh is incredibly passionate about his work and you can see that in every project he works on. No matter what the task, Josh sets a level of expectation for himself that constantly challenges him to exceed expectations. Josh constantly asks himself “how can I make this better” and doesn’t rest until he gets as close to perfect as he can.

Anna (Office Manager): ​Josh is such a valuable member of our team. He rounds out the skills needed in edit to make our videos great. Josh is an all round good guy with a great heart who will do anything for his friends. Josh is so fun to talk to because has endless stories and knowledge about so many things. It’s such a pleasure to see Josh’s smile around the office.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Josh is an incredible person. I’ve known him for over 10 years and he has always been someone I know I can depend on. Whether in work or life, I know that Josh will always be there. That’s why, when we had a position open up a little over two years ago, he was the first on my list to call. His drive and attention to detail sets his work apart from everyone else.

Outside of work Josh is more of a brother than a friend, and my kids love him like family. Our life is better having someone like Josh in it.

Dom (Executive Producer): Every tag-team duo in history has only ever been as good as their partner allowed them to be… Josh is the Robin to our Batman in edit. Both he and Mike have their own set of strengths which limit each other’s weaknesses; Josh is impressively creative and hyper focused on each project that he works on, a wizard with graphics and always keeps one eye on new innovative products and software to elevate our look and feel. His personal and professional growth is clearly evident to me and believe he’s just scratching the surface of his potential. I’m excited for the future for him, and by association, our business.

Erica (Account Executive & Producer): Josh is one of the most creative editors I have had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail and flow of each piece really makes a difference. He has an eye for things that you just can’t teach; he is gifted in so many ways as an artist. Out in the field Josh won’t stop until he gets the perfect shot. His energy and commitment to what he’s shooting really makes the progress that much more fun. Josh isn’t afraid to take risks, try new things, or pursue an idea. On top of this, Josh is my friend. He has always been there to listen and collaborate with. He cares deeply for his friends and is always there when you need him!