Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Laura Walsh

Oswego Creative Employee Spotlight: Laura Walsh – Digital Marketing Manager/Digital Guru Goddess

Laura is our expert in all things digital marketing here at Oswego. With digital marketing constantly changing, Laura keeps us all up to speed and even helps us anticipate what lies ahead.

She is the power house behind it all, SEO, online advertising, blogging, SEM and the list goes on. Laura is a professional by all means and when you combine that with her infectious personality she is unstoppable. Even in a sea of to do’s, she always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude which makes her a joy to be around. Basically she acts like summer and makes our digital marketing rain… #MicDrop #StrongWomen #ImWithHer #ThatGirlIsOnFire

Bill Johnson (VP of Marketing and Operations):

Where do you start in compiling a list of all the great things about Laura Walsh? There are just too many to mention! When Laura joined Oswego the area of digital marketing was in a state of flux. Laura quickly established herself as a subject matter expert in digital marketing allowing us to provide a wide range of digital solutions to clients. She did this not only with a wealth of knowledge but with determination and drive to provide our clients with digital solutions that truly address their needs. Laura does all of this with a smile and an infectious positive personality. In addition to all the great work that she does for clients she also provides Oswego with an irreplaceable role as the Oswego Creative party planner. No birthday or work anniversary gets missed on Laura’s watch!!!

Bob Mizke (President, Co-Founder, and Chief Creative Officer):

Laura represents the marketing evolution at Oswego.  As companies transition from traditional advertising to social media, they need talented people who are able to do two critical things: shape the message that needs to go out in a way that will get attention, and utilize the proper platforms and vehicles that will get that message in front of the right people.  Laura truly speaks the language of the industry and we all can point to demonstrable results.  She is also the chief cruise director and social coordinator of the Good Ship Oswego who never passes up a chance to spend company money on morale building good times.

Mike Stephan (Director of Post-Production):

Laura is like the sunshine of Oswego. She brings a light hearted energy to the office that never goes unnoticed. From planning our online marketing strategies to our parties and birthday events she takes care of all of us so well. It’s amazing how much she does around here to keep the sense of family and help everyone feel appreciated and cared for. Laura’s personality is fun loving, charismatic and completely unique. Her weirdness and mine mesh in a way that makes each day a fun and keeps a sense of wonder for what face she’ll make at me while passing by my office window. On top of all this, she absolutely rocks at her job! She is taking all of us to new heights and keeping our digital marketing presence growing more and more. I adore Laura and selfishly hope our weirdness continues for many years to come.

Matthew Walton (Account Executive and Producer): 

Laura Walsh is AMAZING!!!

There are hundreds of positive personality adjectives I could use to describe Laura Walsh.  She is adventurous, amusing, bright, considerate, dynamic, easygoing, enthusiastic, friendly, funny, generous, hard-working, intelligent, kind, loving, loyal, quick-witted and the list goes on.  Yes, she is all of this and more, and at her core, she is a professional.  She listens to our client’s needs, executes the plan and gets results.  And with a personality like that, she doesn’t turn it off at 5 pm. She carries that into her personal life as well.  It might be easier to tell you what she’s not; Laura is NOT quiet, reserved, shy.  Did I mention that she is AMAZING!!!

Dom Giarratano (Executive Producer):

Laura is unabashedly cheerful and positive. In our game, it’s sometimes difficult to have a clear perspective on that with the pressures that come with the constant push of contract fulfillment. She doesn’t get bogged down in the details; though there are many in her daily tasks. I appreciate her approach and take pieces that I hope to add to my outlook.

Josh Steichen (Editor):

Laura is who you would call a member of the fun police. If you are not having fun, she will make sure you have fun. She goes above and beyond to try and make everyone happy and make sure that the work environment is as enjoyable as possible for all. Laura is definitely the key to maintaining a positive and all around great work experience for Oswego Creative.

Adam Ducharme (Director of Photography): 

Within my first few weeks at Oswego Creative, I heard that Laura was responsible for digital marketing but if I’m honest, I had NO IDEA what that meant. Here we are almost a year later and all that I have really learned is that Laura is VERY smart, kind, hilarious, and really great at her job. I am so glad she knows how that side of our business works because I am completely lost!

Bert Mizke (Co-Founder and Executive VP): 

In the two years Laura has been with us, I have never seen her in a bad mood Honestly! How big is that? She’s smart, kind, and completely in charge of our social media footprint. She makes sure we focus on the positives in each of us and around us. She’s fabulous! She’s also tall.

Erica McClaugherty (Account Executive and Producer): 

From the moment I met Laura I knew she was a perfect fit here at Oswego. She has an outgoing personality, a big heart, intelligence beyond her years, witty humor and a love for pizza that is unbreakable. Laura’s breathtaking beauty on the outside doesn’t even compare to her beauty on the inside. I am beyond thankful for her friendship and what she has done for Oswego on the digital side of things. Not only that but she listens, really listens, to client’s needs then turns around and more than delivers. I admire her passion for looking at the bigger picture in life, always fighting for what she believes in and taking a stand on human compassion. Laura is a great example of a strong, independent woman. I am so excited to see what the future holds for her because she has already done so much, she is unstoppable! Oh and when she walks past my office I swear she is on a runway modeling her way through Paris… but usually she is just getting coffee.

Anna Giron (Office Manager):

There are so many good things to say about Laura Walsh. That is to say that she is an all around fabulous person!!!  Laura is a breath of fresh air. She is fun and the silly faces she makes are the highlight of the day. It’s like we have our own SaturdayNight Live star in the house. At work is she is a powerhouse. That girl is a social media machine!

Kyle Norton (Digital Marketing): 

Laura is one of the most humble, hardworking, and talented people I’ve ever worked with. She always has a smile backed by witty responses and creativity. She cares about the planet and every single person she shares it with. Laura is a digital marketing force not to be reckoned with and I see her going extremely far in life. Walsh 2020!

Mallory Radney (Digital Marketing):

Laura is probably the best boss I’ve ever had. She’s really knowledgeable about everything marketing related, and at the same time she’s super nice, welcoming, and hilariously funny. I’d have to say that my favorite thing about her though is that she also went to college in Wisconsin. Laura’s a super great person! I hope I’m like her when I grow up!