Oswego Creative Takes Home Three 2015 Telly Awards

Telly's Blog

Emmy nominations were just announced but we have some even better news, Oswego Creative took home three Bronze Telly’s this year.

For each Telly category, of which there are many, there are two winners, Silver (first place) and Bronze (second place). Oswego Creative won Bronze for three of our video produced in 2015.


The Winning Videos

Client: The Columbine Country Club

Title: The Future

With a championship golf course, a rich history, a lifestyle that’s second-to-none, and a plan for the future – Columbine brings families together.

Oswego Creative’s Private Club Films worked with the Columbine Country Club to showcase their beautiful grounds, from all angles, and create this stunning piece positioning the Columbine Country Club as one of the best in the region.


The Client: EKAR Farm

Title: Urban, Organic Farming with EKAR Farm

EKAR Farm was a recipient of one our Community Care videos, an outreach program created by Oswego Creative. The message of EKAR is a powerful one. By helping to spread this message through the Charity Video Project, Oswego Creative knew that we could directly help many in our community. EKAR is more than just an urban farm, it is an initiative to teach Colorado, and beyond, the value of growing local, growing organic, and sharing with our neighbors.


Client: IBEW Hour Power and IBEW Local 48

Title: IBEW Local 48 is Committed to Diversity

IBEW Local 48 began diversifying their ranks back in the 1940s, when women and minorities were hired to replace the white, male workforce that had been dominating the trades. Since then, Local 48 has been committed to letting their ranks reflect the community around them. As current Business Manager Gary Young states, reflecting the community makes the IBEW stronger.

Oswego Creative was honored to travel to Portland, OR and speak with many of the members of IBEW Local 48 to hear their thoughts on their local and tell a truly inspirational story.