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At Oswego Creative, we measure our success by the success our clients achieve from the executions we produce for them. The following are just a few success stories our clients can tell after working with us.

Private Club Films – An Evening at the Breakers

The Breakers is one of the most picturesque destinations in the Florida private club scene. In this production, Private Club Films features the famous fountain at the entrance of The Breakers.


Sonnenalp Resort of Vail – You Belong Here

The Sonnenalp Resort of Vail is one of America’s premier mountain resorts. For over a decade the Sonnenalp has relied on Oswego Creative to tell their story to prospective and current guests. Driving interest for a mountain vacation, Oswego Creative showcases some of the resort’s most famous attractions.

Any modern stadium must have a modern electrical service and a staggering 18 billion watts of high efficiency power, from LED lighting to the larger-than-life scoreboards made this high profile job one for the Powering America team.

Rooftop Realty – Ohtama

Rooftop Realty turned to Oswego Creative to help feature their property, using a drone camera to fly high over the mountains and showcase their real estate property at Ohtama.


O’Toole’s Garden Center

O’Toole’s Garden Center, a locally owned and operated greenhouse in the Denver Metro area, has become accustomed to the various seasons that come with life in Colorado. Typically relying on seasonal print and television advertising, O’Tooles has become a successful and well-known garden center with service in three locations.


IBEW Local 103–International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers stands as the largest building and construction union, having over a thousand local councils spread through out the United State and Canada. Of these thousands of councils, Boston’s IBEW Local 103 has been known as one of the largest and most innovative memberships in the brotherhood. Over the years, their success has relied on strong communication between the over 4,000 members, and a dedication to keeping every member informed about critical issues facing their trade. In 2010, Local 103’s Business Manager, Mike Monahan, was realizing that the days of calling everyone to gather at the union hall to discuss pressing issues was losing it’s practicality and effectiveness. With the complicated issues surrounding the health care reform debate, Monahan needed a way to address the issues and share vital information without depending on 4,000 people convening in one location.

IMPACT–Ironworkers Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust

IMPACT is a labor-management partnership designed to provide a forum for union Ironworkers and signatory contractors to address mutual concerns and encourage reasonable, balanced solutions. Its primary goal is to discuss issues in the industry and create resolutions that result in job opportunities for ironworkers. In 2007, IMPACT developed the North American Iron Workers / IMPACT Labor-Management Conference as an annual event focused on helping members learn about the activities of the Ironworkers International Office and the various IMPACT National and Regional programs. The purpose of this event was to provide labor and management with the opportunity to share information and leave with ideas and programs that might help expand market share. But as a new conference being launched during a time where this and every industry has reduced budgets, IMPACT knew that they needed to make sure that they promoted the unique purpose of this particular event and then maximized the value for attendees.


IBEW Local 26–International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 26

The IBEW’s Local 26 has one of the industry’s largest and most powerful memberships. Being located in Washington D.C., IBEW 26 is constantly working on government and public sector projects that require documented levels of diversity training before contracts are granted. Fighting to stay ahead in one of the countries most competitive construction labor markets, IBEW 26 board members joined with their union contractor partners, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), to develop a diversity training program.


Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD)

The 2008 election was a critical and divided election for the entire country. In any election, voters cast their vote based on which candidate most supports the individuals’ interests and shares their beliefs. This is especially true when it comes to big businesses and large organizations. For groups that represent large numbers of people, it was especially imperative that the chosen candidate was someone who had a positive impact on the future of the group membership.

This election was especially important to the Building and Construction Trades department of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (BCTD, AFL-CIO). Comprised of 13 construction labor unions with more than four million members, the BCTD knew that whomever took office in Washington would directly determine the potential for their struggling membership to have a chance at getting back to work. After determining which candidate would give them that opportunity, it was up to the BCTD to make sure that their four million members showed up at the polls on voting day.