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Here’s what just a few of our clients have to say about Oswego Creative:


“In this day and age, Marketing is everything. We throw a lot of events, it’s not worth our time to do so, if (our members) aren’t attending. In order to get people to sign up and attend, you have to have something that grabs them. The product from Oswego Creative, that we have, grabs them more than anything I’ve seen in the market.”
Brian Nishi, Membership and Communication Director, The Country Club at Castle Pines


“As a privately owned Lawn & Garden shop competing with the big box stores in the retail industry, every dollar counts in our promotional and advertising efforts. We have been with Oswego for more than ten years and have spent millions of dollars on commercial production and media buying. The creative elements and production value of our spots capture the essence of our company, take no back seat to our national brand competition, and our well-placed ad campaign gives us the high profile we need. Oswego Creative has been a major player in the continuing growth success of our chain.”
Adele O’Toole, Owner, O’Toole’s Garden Centers


“Over the years, Oswego Creative has become a trusted partner with the IBEW. Their out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in literally millions of viewers hearing about the good news of the organized electrical industry via IBEWHourPower.com and ElectricTV.net. Oswego truly understands our business, and more importantly, how to project our story to the world.”
Ed Hill, International President, IBEW


“Oswego Creative has been a trusted marketing partner with the Sonnenalp Resort of Vail for more than 20 years now, even doing work for our sister property in Bavaria. As a Leading Small Hotel of the World, and one of the Top 500 Properties in the World by Conde Nast, we are meticulous about the image we project in a very competitive travel industry. The team at Oswego never disappoints when we take our story to the outside world, and I can tell you our in-room “Sonnenalp TV and Sonnenalp Golf” channels are unlike anything you will see anywhere else in the world.”
Johannes Faessler, Owner, Sonnenalp Resort of Vail


“The Building and Construction Trades Department is a diverse organization with many moving parts. Between our councils around North America, the lawmakers, and industry leaders we deal with, communication is the key. From providing long-range planning to turning on a dime at a moment’s notice, you’ll find Oswego Creative right in the middle of our branding and strategic efforts.”
Mark Ayers, President, Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO