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Part of what makes Oswego Creative stand apart from the digital video crowd is the emphasis we place on storytelling. Anyone can turn on a camera and hit record. But that approach rarely captures what you are hoping to say or show. Where Oswego Creative stands out is by partnering with our clients in crafting and creating their story for each project.

Scripts are a vital part of the creative process for video production. Script writing for video is often overlooked, but in this day and age of media saturation, it is more important than ever to have a firm plan written down on paper. We thrive when we merge the written word with the well-framed picture. Oswego Creative has years of experience writing scripts from any perspective – if you want your story to be newsy, heavy on the marketing, thought-provoking, funny, or anything in between, we have the script writing solution for you.

Corporate video script writing is a different beast. You know your business better than anyone. Because of that, we make sure that in our script writing and pre-production phase, we listen to our clients to make sure that their vision is incorporated and codified in the script. It is more than just logging footage and lining up sound bites to get your point across. We go above and beyond when we are writing scripts for our clients – writing voice over and studio on-camera stand-ups that hit the exact right tone for your business’ needs.

The scripts we write for every project help us craft a clear vision for your project – allowing for collaboration between the Oswego Creative and you the client so we are sure to deliver exactly the right message.