Pre-Production Talk to Us

Pre-production is a vital part of the production process. Anyone can just show up with a camera and a microphone and start recording. Pre-production is where the all of the planning and preparation work takes your execution from a good video to a great one.


You didn’t plan to fail – you just failed to plan. How many times have we been told that in our lives? Once we have an idea of what story your video needs to tell and how it will be shared, we go to work planning the 5 Ws – Who, What, When, Where and Why.

  • Who is the subject? Who needs to be present at the shoot? Who will we need to film? Who is going to need to approve this video?
  • What are we filming? What are the challenges of the shoot site? What kind of equipment will we need? What kinds of permits do we need? What is the best way to frame a shot? What is the ultimate outcome of the footage?
  • When are we shooting? What time of day is best for the cast and crew? When do we need to have the entire project complete? When does it need to go out for approval, and when does it need to be edited?
  • Where are we going to shoot? Where is the best place, and where do we need to have access to? Where will our equipment go? Where will we eat lunch?
  • Why are we doing it this way, and will doing it a different way result in a better outcome for the client?

Video Pre-production shouldn’t be ignored, but too often it is put on the back burner until literally 10 minutes before the camera turns on. It is this type of attitude that results in a valueless video for the client, that doesn’t meet your needs.

We consider pre-production as one of our main aspects of work, we put the emphasis on making sure that we have our ducks in a row before we ever get to the shoot site. In this way, we focus on making your video shoot go smoother, saving you time and money.