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Shooting Video

When people think of video development, they are probably thinking of the production phase of what we do. It is, after all, the most visual aspect of the work Oswego Creative does for a client. After pre-production is complete, our crews have assembled their equipment – lights, camera, microphones, boom poles, dollies, sliders, batteries, stingers or extension cords, media in the form of recordable cards – and show up at the location ready to work.

Productions often look like a hive of activity, with our crew setting up for each shot. They dress sets, prep talent, and set lights and dollies. Our crew takes care of every detail, allowing you to focus on enjoying this day and keeping your eye on telling your story in the best possible way.

When everything is ready, our Director of Photography yells “Action!” and like a flash, the camera rolls and everything falls into place. The captured footage will take the idea and capture the content to turn it into something special.

The video production process is both a science and an art. It’s part science, in that it has a measurable outcome, a hypothesis about what a shot will look like. We can test and observe – if we don’t like what we see, we try it again. We cut and edit, to paint you and your company, brand or product in the best possible light. In another way, it’s part art. We finagle, we improvise and become flexible. We change a shot according to your liking, or we try it one more time, but with more feeling. We are dedicated to getting precisely the right shot, even if it means 10 takes.