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Aerial video production adds a unique perspective to your video project. Bring a new exciting and amazing view from a variety of angles to capture your story unlike any other shoot with remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Our approach to telling your story through video is centered upon the addition of unexpected shots within a specific piece. Anyone can shoot video on the ground, more and more companies even have the ability to add horizontal or vertical movement to a specific shot or interview. But few have the capabilities to you’re your footage to new heights, and we’re one of the company’s to offer drone aerial videos and photography.

The addition of aerial footage within any specific execution can alter the audience’s expectations and perception of your brand or image. It can refocus and retain their attention at exactly the right moment – if, and only if, it’s done the right way.

Aerial video makes a great solution for industries and businesses who want to make a real impact in their production. Used by realtors, golf courses, and developers, aerial flyovers provide a birds-eye perspective that can’t be achieved from any other medium.

Combined with our industry partnerships and utilizing state of the art equipment designed for aerial footage, the types of shots are literally elevated and your final production is that much better.

Our state of the art equipment provides extremely stable HD aerial video footage. This isn’t the mall kiosk copter with an iPhone attached, these are sophisticated ‘ships’ with gyro-stabilized ultra High Definition cameras, flown virtually by a pilot and a cameraman. Panning, tilting and even zooming while monitoring the shot real time ensures quality and efficiency from the moment of lift off until touch down.

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