Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD) Talk to Us


The 2008 election was a critical and divided election for the entire country. In any election, voters cast their vote based on which candidate most supports the individuals’ interests and shares their beliefs. This is especially true when it comes to big businesses and large organizations. For groups that represent large numbers of people, it was especially imperative that the chosen candidate was someone who had a positive impact on the future of the group membership.

This election was especially important to the Building and Construction Trades department of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (BCTD, AFL-CIO). Comprised of 13 construction labor unions with more than four million members, the BCTD knew that whomever took office in Washington would directly determine the potential for their struggling membership to have a chance at getting back to work. After determining which candidate would give them that opportunity, it was up to the BCTD to make sure that their four million members showed up at the polls on voting day.

They knew that communicating a message to millions of people spread throughout the country was easier said than done. The BCTD needed to develop a comprehensive message that touched upon the multiple factors that were important to their position on the 2008 Presidential race. Knowing that they needed to get the word out but having a limited budget and resources, the BCTD needed an execution that clearly and passionately stated their position but was also flexible in structure so it could be used to reach members in a number of different ways.

The BCTD came to Oswego Creative not only needing a dynamic deliverable, but also needing it right away. The Oswego Creative team moved quickly by working directly with the BCTD team to understand their message and share in a way that would compel the membership. Once this was done they moved into conceptualizing, writing, shooting, editing and duplicating thousands of DVDs for use on the campaign trail.

In just a few weeks, Oswego Creative developed a solution for the BCTD that helped them position, educate and mobilize their membership and the public at large on their position in the 2008 presidential race. From a single project, Oswego Creative produced a final execution that the BCTD was able to use as a positioning DVD, website content, membership education and even as content used at rallies. With the help of Oswego Creative the communication of this campaign position inspired record numbers of BCTD members to support a unified message and to make their voices heard in an election that ended up positively impacting their futures.