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The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers stands as the largest building and construction union, having over a thousand local councils spread through out the United State and Canada. Of these thousands of councils, Boston’s IBEW Local 103 has been known as one of the largest and most innovative memberships in the brotherhood. Over the years, their success has relied on strong communication between the over 4,000 members, and a dedication to keeping every member informed about critical issues facing their trade. In 2010, Local 103’s Business Manager, Mike Monahan, was realizing that the days of calling everyone to gather at the union hall to discuss pressing issues was losing it’s practicality and effectiveness. With the complicated issues surrounding the health care reform debate, Monahan needed a way to address the issues and share vital information without depending on 4,000 people convening in one location.

Mr. Monahan enlisted Oswego Creative to develop an inventive way to communicate with the membership outside of the union hall. Oswego Creative’s solution was to create a virtual union hall meeting through a live webcast. This would allow members to see and hear Monahan’s explanation of the issues by simply logging in online from home. With this being a complicated topic, Oswego Creative not only developed the technological structure of the webcast, but also created a series of prerecorded video segments that clearly reviewed the key issues. These segments were interspersed through the entirety of the 60-minute plus program. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the live webcast also gave members the opportunity to submit questions online to be answered on camera by Mr. Monahan.

With Oswego Creative handling all the logistics and production, Mr. Monahan was able to solely focus on his role as Business Manager and the important task of clearly communicating the issues to his constituents. In a single session, the membership of IBEW 103 was offered a thorough explanation of the important issues surrounding healthcare. As a bonus, IBEW Local 103 was able to post a recorded version of the real-time live webcast on their site for any member that had been unable to attend the event.