IMPACT–Ironworkers Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust Talk to Us

IMPACT is a labor-management partnership designed to provide a forum for union Ironworkers and signatory contractors to address mutual concerns and encourage reasonable, balanced solutions. Its primary goal is to discuss issues in the industry and create resolutions that result in job opportunities for ironworkers. In 2007, IMPACT developed the North American Iron Workers / IMPACT Labor-Management Conference as an annual event focused on helping members learn about the activities of the Ironworkers International Office and the various IMPACT National and Regional programs. The purpose of this event was to provide labor and management with the opportunity to share information and leave with ideas and programs that might help expand market share. But as a new conference being launched during a time where this and every industry has reduced budgets, IMPACT knew that they needed to make sure that they promoted the unique purpose of this particular event and then maximized the value for attendees.

IMPACT came to Oswego Creative to help them not only market the event but also develop a unique and informative content stream to help differentiate the event. To assist with the conference promotion, Oswego Creative developed a series of marketing videos to invigorate IMPACT’s initial attendance generation efforts and to help them hit their attendance goals. These marketing efforts included personal appeals from Ironworkers President Joseph Hunt and Management Co-Chair William Brown that articulated the distinctive benefits of the conference. Additionally, Oswego Creative developed a series of orientation videos that introduced attendees to the conference’s featured issues, allowing them to arrive at the conference fully prepared. Perhaps most importantly, Oswego Creative offered the conference a package called CCN: Convention and Conference Newscast, the conference newscast includes on-site filming of the event that is transformed nightly into unique daily recaps of the day’s events that are delivered directly to attendees via the in-room channel.

In 4 short years, IMPACT has been able to grow the North American Iron Workers / IMPACT Labor-Management Conference into one of the most important and widely attended events in the construction industry. Through Oswego’s marketing support, people were made aware of the excellent programming offered at the IMPACT conference and the CCN updates have served as an aid in conference attendance growth. When surveyed at the 2010 IMPACT conference, over 70% of attendees stated that they watch the CCN nightly recaps and found them to be a differentiating factor in the conference.