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Finding the best way to engage your audience has always been a challenge for every marketer. This is especially challenging when you are trying to engage your audience online. With so much content available online, it is imperative that your content be engaging and relevant if you have any hope to engage your target audience.

Passive vs. Active

As much as video is a dynamic marketing tool, video is still a linear and passive way to communicate your message. Once the viewer makes the active decision to press the play button, all they can do is passively watch as the video plays out. Today, content consumers especially the fickle Millennial generation don’t have the patience to just sit there and watch, they want to be an active part of the content and tailor the content to their specific interests. Previously the only way to get interactive content was with pricey custom web development. For most organizations this level of development is cost and time prohibitive.

The Dawn of Interactive Video

Previously there was no way to merge interactive web development with the visual storytelling of video, but that is no longer the case with interactive video. Interactive video merges storytelling with the interactivity of the web to create a personalized, immersive user-driven experience. Traditional video forces to viewer to passively view with no choice with only a single call to action, interactive video allows the user to choose what content they want to engage with multiple calls to action providing a unique personal experience. Interactive video allows your audience to navigate a limitless world of possibilities within your video content. And this interactive content is viewable everywhere including mobile devices without the need of an additional app.

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Oswego Creative develops innovative and engaging interactive video content. With Oswego Creative’s interactive video services, we offer everything that you need to develop engaging interactive video that provides real results. Our intersection of creative, strategy and technology expertise provides you with everything you need to develop interactive video.

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