Private Club Films – The Breakers Talk to Us


The Country Club at Castle Pines and the Boulder Country Club approached Oswego Creative around the same time with, virtually, the same problem. They were finding that their marketing efforts were not helping in their efforts to penetrate new markets, they needed a guiding force to point them in the right direction. That direction was video. Adding video to their marketing strategy was the best way to tell their brand story to a larger audience and in turn bring in new members.

The majority of private clubs are stuck in the text-based, brochure type advertising to reach an audience that is already listening. The private golf and country club industry is as competitive as it has ever been. With a finite number of potential members, clubs should find ways to differentiate themselves from other clubs by showcasing what makes their property unique.

Through this unique problem and the solution we created for it, Private Club Films was born. Private Club Films is a branch of Oswego Creative specializing in video marketing solutions for the private club industry.

Private Club Films, provides an innovative and contemporary approach to traditional marketing and communication strategies for clubs of all sizes and types. As the name would imply – our expertise is both video-based and private club focused. By leveraging customized video assets, Private Club Films helps clubs help themselves to deliver upon the authentic experiences existing members and perspectives crave in today’s market.

Since its beginning in 2014, Private Club Films has had the opportunity to work clubs both big and small, such as The Breakers in Palm Beach, John’s Island Club, and many more. Private Club Films has also worked very closely with the Florida Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America, covering their Summer Conference Series for over two years. Private Club Films has also seen the opportunity to tell the story of the businesses and organizations that work directly with private clubs on a daily basis such as Peacock and Lewis, an architectural firm and CBIZ Weekes and Callaway, an insurance agency that specializes in insurance for private clubs.

Learn more about Private Club Films and see our work on the Private Club Films website.