Rooftop Realty – Ohtama Talk to Us


The Denver/Colorado housing market is one of the hottest in the country. With inventories at a historic low, there has been an increase in the rise of custom home building. The building of custom homes not only addresses the inventory issue but also is attractive to builders as it more profitable with less risk if units go unsold.

With more and more people entering into the custom home business the competition is fierce and more and more challenging to differentiate one project from another. Unlike selling completed homes where pictures of the property can easily convey its advantages, custom homebuilders have to find a way to help potential buyers envision the possibility of calling that location home.

Even with the picturesque backdrop of Evergreen Colorado, the owners of the new custom home subdivision Ohtama knew they needed something that would help potential buyers experience and envision the possibilities of making Ohtama the location of their future home.

Oswego Creative to help them promote the Ohtama project by developing a video to help potential buyers see the prospect of making Ohtama home. Since there aren’t any properties built in the subdivision at this time, Oswego Creative couldn’t just shoot a completed home as an example of what Ohtama is like. Oswego Creative needed to set the stage for the viewer so they could imagine living in this beautiful location. Leveraging our experience shooting picturesque panoramic views in our work with private clubs, Oswego Creative utilized our drone camera to bring the property to life. Capturing the beauty of the Evergreen area and the amazing views from the Ohtama properties, the video that Oswego Creative produced for Ohtama stirs the emotions, provides the facts of the property and gives the Ohtama team a differentiator in the competitive custom home space.