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More and more, your customers aren’t consuming your content by reading it. They want to ‘see’ what you are all about. That’s why having video on your website is so important. It’s not just helping you define and promote your brand, it’s leading to real, measurable conversions. Whether you want to change your website lurkers to customers, apprentices, forum visitors or stakeholders, we have the tools to help you get your message in front of the right audience.

Website video production is something that a lot of people think they can do, but quickly they find themselves overwhelmed with how much work actually goes into it

Oswego Creative prides itself on doing video production for websites. Oswego Creative has been doing online video production for companies since the infancy of the Internet – and we’ve honed our craft during our hundreds of thousands of hours of collective experience.

We preach the gospel of website and Internet video all over the United States and Canada. In particular, we let our clients know that their video is only as good as the marketing that accompanies it. That’s why each of the videos that we produce comes with a strategy for making sure that the maximum number of your audience sees it. From keyword targeting to SEO writing, we know that your investment in web video is part of your business strategy and we treat it that way. Every project is unique, so your video marketing needs should be, too.

When you utilize Oswego Creative as your web video production company, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the most bang for your marketing buck.