Why Oswego Talk to Us

The biggest misconception about the development of marketing videos is that anyone can just grab a camera and create their own videos. With high definition cameras becoming more and more accessible and every new computer coming with some type of editing software, it is possible for just about anyone to create a video. But just because it is doable doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

Quality video production is more than just a camera. It is about how that camera is used, what is being said and how these elements are being integrated together. The popular perception of online video is what you see on YouTube. This means spontaneous, unscripted narrative with little to no attention paid to production value. But the question that you need to ask yourself is: “Does that quality accurately represent the quality of my products, people and services?” Your focus has been building and growing your business. You have built trust with your customers and prospects, convincing them of the value you provide. That sense of quality is who you are and the brand equity that you have spent countless hours developing. Why throw away all of that effort by cutting corners and producing video marketing executions where the poor quality of the end product is not reflective of you or your brand?

The development of high-quality marketing executions is at the core of what Oswego Creative is. For more than 20 years, Oswego Creative has been developing innovative and engaging video communications solutions for our clients. Ranging from traditional television productions and commercials to DVD projects to streaming video content for online or mobile consumption, Oswego Creative has the expertise and experience to deliver whatever type of video execution needed to address your unique business needs. When you work with Oswego Creative, you can be confident that you are working with seasoned video development experts and not someone that is figuring out this “video thing” on your dime.

There are several characteristics that set Oswego Creative apart from the competition.

Storytelling – At our hearts, we are storytellers. Our focus is taking your story and making it compelling, optimized to take advantage of the video medium. There is a unique skill to the crafting of scripts and storyboards and the Oswego Creative team has years of experience crafting engaging and entertaining stories for our clients.

Focus – At Oswego Creative, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between business results and creativity. We listen to the needs of our clients and produce executions that meet their needs and are in sync with their unique brand characteristics. We are steadfastly dedicated to being on point, on time and on budget. And most importantly, we never forget the fact that we work for you.

Experience – When it comes to producing quality video communications, there is no replacement for experience. Each member of the Oswego Creative team comes to the table with years of experience, providing you with a seasoned, professional team dedicated to delivering only the highest quality video executions.

Process – Due to our years and years of experience, there isn’t a situation or client request we haven’t heard before. This experience has allowed us to develop a proven development process that allows Oswego Creative to produce high quality executions in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Equipment – With Oswego Creative, you not only get a highly skilled team but you get access to the best equipment in the business. This includes top of the line cameras, lighting and sound equipment, and editing suites all at your disposal. Additionally, Oswego Creative has an on-site green screen studio allow for every manner of traditional or virtual shoots. Click here to learn more about Oswego’s equipment.

People – Each member of the Oswego Creative team has been hand picked for their unique skill set. But in addition to their work skills, each member of the Oswego Creative team brings a work ethic and integrity dedicated to doing whatever it takes to support our clients’ needs.

Partnership – At Oswego Creative we don’t consider the people we work with to be clients, we consider them our partners. With every project, Oswego Creative works with a dedication and focus like we were a part of your organization. Our goal is to develop a long-standing relationship with you, and not be just another vendor.