Erica McClaugherty, Producer

Erica McClaugherty’s broadcast career and her talent have taken her all over from the Red Carpet of the Oscars to the Blue Lagoon and Glaciers of Iceland. With over ten years experience beginning with KTLA News in Hollywood to FOX 31 Denver and ABC7 as a Producer and Reporter she is well seasoned and understands how to produce an effective video. Erica not only writes from a unique perspective but is fearless in her storytelling.

Erica impressed the NFL Players at the Super Bowl with her interviewing technique and shocked everyone by jumping into her own Roller Derby story; producing on skates. Erica found her home with Oswego in 2015 as a Producer and Freelancer. Her love for the longer format, attention to detail and the space to tell stories that get to the heart are her passion.

A successful career isn’t the only thing Erica is proud of, her two greatest accomplishments to date are her beautiful children Leif and Charlee. When not working, Erica can be found dancing everything from ballet to salsa, being a gym rat at CrossFit or creating lasting adventurous memories with her littles.