The main offering at Oswego Creative is storytelling through video production. Adam, our Director of Photography, is our key storyteller. To say that Adam is an integral part of our success would be the understatement of the century. His critical eye and passion for his craft has taken the Oswego Creative production team to new heights.

But Adam isn’t just a stellar storyteller and employee…he is an all-around stellar human being as well. Adam changes the energy of any room he is in. His infectious laugh and good-natured personality make his brand of genius an approachable one.

Thanks for making us all feel like the cool kids on campus, Adam!


Erica (Account Executive & Producer): Adam has been the best addition to Oswego that we could have ever hoped for! He has a fresh perspective and creative vision that makes him not only a director of photography and a producer but a leader as well. There’s something about Adam where when he talks everyone listens and hangs on his every word. He’s one of the most talented people in this industry, yet he remains so humble in everything he does and says. On top of this, he is kind, genuine, and fun to be around!

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Adam became a loved member of the OC family in record time. His energy is incredible! His professionalism and talent are only matched by his passion for his craft. We are all made better by his involvement and we feel honored to have him as a colleague.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): If one subscribes to the belief that companies are either getting a little better every day, or worse, but never standing still, Adam is proof that Oswego is on the positive side of that arc. His combination of the science of his craft combined with his creative eye is evident in the work we continue to produce. If anyone wants to know the difference between a photographer and a cinematographer, just take a look at some of Adam’s work.

Anna (Office Manager): Adam has this easy-going “I got this” confident air about him. He has an unparalleled team work ethic that I admire. His expertise has risen Oswego to the next level. I’m always excited to see Adam’s work.

Matthew (Account Executive & Producer): Everyone that works at Oswego Creative is a true professional and is very passionate about what they create, and Adam is no exception. His creative vision and his ability to execute are unmatched, but what sets Adam apart is his passion for causes outside of the nine to five. Adam cares deeply about our environment and the well being of mankind. Adam, a passionate perfectionist that gives a darn about plant earth. Recycle people!!!

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Adam brings a unique dichotomy to his role as Director of Photography. He has all the artistic and technical skills you would expect for someone in his position but what makes Adam truly unique is that he balances this with a keen understanding of the big picture. He is able to balance an artistic vision with the business needs of the clients as well as the business needs of Oswego Creative. Each and every project I work on with Adam I feel that I learn something new from Adam. His insight and candor make Adam a truly unique and special person to work with.

Josh (Editor): Catalyst for BETTER change/ motivation to want to make yourself and everything around you better. Adam knows how to talk to different types of people to get them to see a different perspective. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled individual.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Adam has a presence and an energy that is hard to match. You can’t help but feel like you are in the presence of one of the “the greats” when Adam is around, but he would never brag about his accomplishments. I don’t get the chance to work with Adam directly very often and I am jealous of those here who do! Adam’s passion runs into each and every aspect of his life – his work, his beautiful girlfriend, craft beer, friends, and, of course, his family.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Halfway through my first conversation with Adam, I immediately felt like he would be a great friend to have in my life. He is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. His talents behind the lens are undoubtedly impressive, but even more so than that is his ability to have a vision. No matter what project Adam is on; he always works to improve not only the visuals but also the entire story. On top of all that, he carries this energy that makes everyone around him want to do better. And be better. I feel like I can learn a lot from being around someone as talented as Adam. That, and the dude is wicked-smaht!

Dom (Executive Producer): Usually people in Adam’s role are either ‘gear heads’ or ‘cinematographers’… rarely do you have both. Usually, people in Adam’s role have a hard time understanding that client relations are as, if not more, important than simply getting the shot… rarely can you find both. Adam has quickly grasped our niches in the short time he’s been a member of the team. He has a wealth of experience for his age and has a marksman’s approach to being disruptively positive in how he sees where we are and where we need to go. There is much work left for us as we shift into becoming a more well-rounded production team within the agency environment but having people like Adam who care about their craft, the people he can affect and the company he can have a hand in reshaping are critical. I’ve said this before about others here at Oswego… I wish we had 10 Adam’s, but I am grateful for one we do have.