Ben Edwards came to Oswego from Kansas City, Missouri in 2019. Having Ben as an addition to our team as a cinematographer has increased our quality of work tenfold. Everything he touches turns to gold. His ability to utilize lighting to improve the quality of the videos he shoots makes him indispensable. It makes us say, “Can we get a watt watt?” He’s friendly, cooperative, and has a great forecast for Oswego’s future. His talent is very evident and shines through every story he’s shot. 

We’re extremely lucky to have Ben as an integral part of our team and excited to see where he takes us in the future! 

Adam Ducharme (Director of Production) – Ben is a perfect example of what I call a true filmmaker. He is someone who takes the craft of visual storytelling very seriously and will stop at nothing (well, budget is always a consideration) to do what it takes to tell the best story possible. Since he has joined our team at Oswego Creative there has been an increase in the technical skill and abilities of our visual storytelling from a lighting and composition perspective. All that coupled with the fact that he’s easy to talk to makes him a great addition to our team.

Bob Mizke (President & Co-Founder) – If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, it is very hard to put something down in writing about Ben. Words don’t really do Ben justice. He speaks through his camera.  He conveys meaning and emotion with the images he creates. Every frame, a purpose. Every sequence, a story. Ben came to us from the large ad agency world, and we can point to him as proof that coasting is not something we do at Oswego or Private Club films. We’re proud of what we’ve done. Ben helps us be excited about what we have yet to do.

Anna Giron (Office Manager) – Ben has an unrivaled passion for excellence. It is a pleasure to work with Ben as he is always fully dedicated to giving his very best effort towards everything he is doing.

Michael Stephan (Director of Post-Production) – Ben has an incredible vision. He thinks of every stage of production and makes sure the message is communicated every step of the way. It really helps keep a project moving when someone like Ben is on it. While he may be a true professional he can get a little goofy sometimes too. Seeing him with a big smile on his face tossing a ball with his dog Riley around the office really brightens up the mood around here. 

Dom Giarratano (Vice President & Executive Producer) – Ben is terrific, talented and confident in his approach to our creative team.  He knows what he wants, how he wants his footage to look, and what’s required of us to elevate our product. It’s true that putting great teams together matters; Ben will play a large role in us continuing to grow and evolve and be successful. Happy to work with him. Happy others here can too.

Mark Verver (Account Manager & Producer) – Creative collaborating with people like Ben is one of the reasons why I enjoy being in the production profession. He helps you see multiple sides to a shot, a story, an interview, a project. His professionalism motivates the team around him, and his accountability pushes everyone to improve their work. It’s always a pleasure to work with Ben on a project, and it’s equally a pleasure to pass the time on long road trips with him by discussing the Joe Rogan Experience podcast!

Mallory Radney (Digital Marketing Coordinator) – What Ben brings to the table is hard work, honesty, and the cutest dog named Riley! Ever since Ben joined the Oswego team, our work has increased substantially. He elevates the work we’re able to do because he has great ideas! I truly enjoy working with Ben and glad he’s part of our team. 

Taylor Isaacs (Digital Marketing Manager) – Ben is always great to work with, his creative process is bar none and it truly is inspiring. Having him be a part of the team is an asset that is invaluable.

Austin Day (Editor & Cinematographer) – Ben is the master of light at Oswego! It’s great being on set with Ben and watching how he uses light to change the look and feel of a scene. Ben brings a fun, positive energy on set. You can tell he loves creating videos so much he doesn’t even need coffee!

Will Kingston (Editor) – Ben’s attention to detail and professional execution of cinematography shines through every shot. Whether rumbling down a dark country road in the wee hours of the morning or laying in the swaying grass in the afternoon sun, he’s able to capture the mood of each shot with expert precision. Throw in his skills as a drone pilot, and I don’t have to tell you twice… the guy can shoot.

Kathryn Giarratano (Travel Coordinator) – Ben is a wonderful addition to the Oswego Team! Working at a small company requires a certain collaborative approach to work, and he has it. I’m looking forward to him being an integral part of Oswego’s future.