You know those people that you read about – they are good at everything and everyone loves them – and you think to yourself, “no one like that actually exists” well Erica McClaugherty is here to prove you wrong on that one. As a producer, a mom, a friend, a wife, a co-worker, Erica knocks it out of the park. She brings passion and unbridled enthusiasm to every single aspect of her life and is wildly successful because of it.

Clients and those of us on the Oswego Creative team love to work with Erica because working with her doesn’t feel like work. You might as well call her King Midas because everything this superwoman touches turns to gold.

Erica, thank you for being a hilarious, kind, and dedicated light in all of our lives!

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Erica’s contagious laugh is outrageous! When she travels the OC is never the same. It’s impossible to know her and not love her.

Josh (Editor): Mac is very high-spirited. She is not only one of the most dedicated and hard-working people I know, but she is also the nicest person ever.

Adam (Director of Photography): Erica can find the heart and soul in any story – big or small. She is a very talented producer who is truly invested in telling people’s stories.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Erica is one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Not only is she insanely kind, HILARIOUS, smart, and hard-working – but she is also a gorgeous powerhouse whose strength constantly astounds me. The passion that Erica shows for her work, her friends, and especially her family is inspiring. She is a role model in every sense of the word. I would not be one bit surprised if someone told me that Erica is actually an angel goddess sent to Earth to spread joy, laughter, and happiness to us mere mortals who do not deserve her presence and goodness.

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): When I think about Erica all I think of is heart. Erica is all about heart. She pours her heart into each and every story that she produces. She not only cares from the bottom of her heart about telling a great story but she also cares about each person involved in that story. And she does this all with an upbeat and positive personality that is infectious to be around. Erica is just an absolute joy to work with.

Anna (Office Manager): I was super excited when I heard, Erica, a woman who had been producing the news was going to come work at Oswego. She is stylish and awesome so of course, we became instant friends. Her giggle and storytelling ability make every day just a little bit brighter. Erica is a true creative visionary. She has seemingly endless energy and new ideas. The intensity and a passion she puts into producing a great story inspire others to also put that kind of energy into the things they are doing.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): Erica McClaugherty is a versatile burst of energy in Oswego’s bloodstream. She gets assigned to a wide variety of projects and is counted on to deliver. From freezing her rear end off on a winter shoot with linemen working on the electrical grid in the Midwest to covering national conferences at high-end hotels with industry leaders, “Mac” captures the story and brings it home. And, not to be forgotten, she does it with a smile.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Erica is someone whose energy completely fills the room. Everything she does in and outside of the office comes with all the heart, dedication & passion she has. As a mother, friend, and coworker I have seen Erica take on the world and handle struggles with grace and laughter. With all that, I don’t think I’ve ever met another person who puts more care into the people around her. She has always been there for me without even asking. There are so few people in life who will become life long friends, but I am certain that Erica will always be mine.

Dom (Account Executive and Producer): “Successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose” is a quote which I think perfectly illustrates how “Mac” goes about her business. You can’t teach hustle. She’s a quick study. She’s always in a good mood and truly believes in herself. Private production is a world than different than news; having seen both, there is a learning curve and an adjustment period which is quickly becoming straighter for her by the day. I wish we had 10 Erica’s… but certainly grateful for the one we do have.