Do you believe in angels? If you know Mallory Radney, the answer is yes – because she is one.

Mallory works on the Digital Marketing team as well as in the administrative front office – an organized creative person is a rare gem in our world! Mallory is able to switch gears quickly from analytics and data to creative strategy and execution. She is an asset no matter what she is doing and continues to move us forward with her bright as day outlook on life and endless energy.

Mallory’s work ethic, positivity, creativity, and hilarious one-liners have made her an indispensable member of the Oswego Creative team.

Dom (Executive Producer): “Eternal Optimist”, “Glass half full”, “Happy” and probably a dozen others would describe Mallory’s daily outlook. Since she began her work as an intern, Mallory quickly distinguished herself as an integral part of our team and hasn’t looked back. Having good people, who enjoy their time at work and who are willing to do whatever is asked of them is a hallmark of any successful company and Mallory exemplifies that for us.

Mike Stephan (Director of Post-Production): Though she may come across as quiet and calm, Mallory has a sense of humor like no other. She is fun, witty and absolutely hilarious. From the moment Mallory came aboard as an intern it was clear that she was meant to be part of the Oswego family.

Bill (Vice President of Operations): Mallory is a bright light in an often dark world. She has an infectious, positive attitude about everything. I would challenge anyone to try to not be in a better mood after talking to Mallory. She combines this incredibly positive and enthusiastic outlook on life with a great work ethic and real smarts. Mallory has been a great addition to the Oswego team because it never hurts having another Hamilton superfan on the staff!!!

Josh (Videographer and Editor): 1- Very witty and quick with a comical response. 2- Super nice and always full of energy (I don’t think she knows how to be anything but nice). 3- Can always bring up the mood of any room she walks into

Bert (Vice President, Co-Founder): Competent, cheerful, competent, refreshing, competent, uplifting, competent, creative, competent, smart, and, of course, really competent!  She’s universally loved and appreciated.

Mike Herbener (Videographer and Editor): Mallory is bright and cheery every day and never fails to get her co-workers laughing. If I didn’t know better, I would think she might be some kind of elf, or leprechaun?

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder): When Mallory was an intern here, and I knew we had a job opening coming up I actually lobbied her to apply. Need I say more?  OK, I will.  At Oswego, it is all about the mix. What do you bring to the table to add to our work experience cocktail?  Mallory provides that fresh new face that “just wants to do good.”  And she does.  The more we give her, the more she cranks out, whether it is fun stuff or some of the kinda boring stuff that comes with every job.  Regardless, she does it with a great attitude and a smile on her face. I’m glad she’s here. 

Anna (Officer Manager): Mallory is sweet, funny, and all-around great! I am so grateful for her assistance and her enthusiasm. So happy she came onboard with Oswego. 

Adam (Director of Photography): Mallory is the youngest member of the Oswego Team and she gives me hope for the future of marketing! She is funny, smart, and very driven. Since joining our team she has excelled at whatever task has been given to her and she is always eager to learn more and take on different responsibilities.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Mallory is the human iteration of that video compilation of puppies and babies being best friends – it’s uncontrollably sweet, welcome no matter the occasion, and gives you hope in regards to the state of the world. Mallory is my right hand here at Oswego Creative and her can-do, upbeat attitude combined with creative savvy and work ethic makes her a huge asset to the digital marketing team and Oswego Creative as an organization. Get your sunglasses out because this smart, funny, beautiful powerhouse has a BRIGHT future ahead of her!