Oswego Creative is a full-service marketing agency but our bread and butter has always been video production. That being said, our busiest department is Post-Production and Oswego Creative team member Mike Stephan is at the epicenter.

Mike Stephan has been with Oswego Creative for 9 years, starting as a freelance editor. Mike was hired within two weeks of starting with Oswego Creative and has steadily climbed the ranks ever since. From Editor and Videographer to Senior Editor to Director of Post-Production (and unofficial office IT aficionado), Mike has thoroughly deserved and worked hard for every promotion that he has received. Creativity and positivity is at his core and he brings his effervescence to every single project and interaction he has here at Oswego Creative.

Not only does Mike inspire creativity in others, he also fosters effective communication and is integral to the Oswego Creative support system. Mike takes his expertise as a fantastic father and brings that to the office every day, consistently showing us that we are valued as a person and are more than just our professional role at the agency.

We could go on and on about how much we love Mike…so we will! Here are each OC team member’s thoughts on the extraordinary Mike Stephan.

Adam (Director of Photography): Mike is the epitome of “problem solver”. There is no one in the world that I would rather go to with a project or idea who is as good as Mike at looking at it objectively, giving feedback, and coming up with the solution needed to make it better. He is the ultimate collaborator.

Bert (Executive VP and Co-Founder): Mike has been an integral part of Oswego Creative since he first joined us. He has always gone above and beyond what is asked and has a sense of personal pride that carries his work to a higher level with each new project. As head of Post Production, he is always looking ahead at what can elevate our product and better serve our clients. In short, he’s the best!

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): You can see Mike’s impact with each and every video that Oswego Creative produces. He is not only a tremendously talented editor in his own right but he is also a great leader, collaborator and mentor to all the other editors. What you don’t see when you watch an OC video is all the other things that Mike does to help keep Oswego going. He is our in-house IT guru, tech support trouble-shooter and as talented as they come photographer. I admire Mike for his ability to do all of this with a great attitude and with a smile on his face. But the most impressive thing about Mike is how great of a dad he is. The day gets a little brighter when his daughters pay us a visit. They are easily Mike’s greatest accomplishment.

Anna (Office Manager): Mike is AWESOME…that is all.

Dom (Account Executive and Producer): Post-production is the most difficult position in the life cycle of a project. It is the most critical element from conveying the client’s direction (via the producer) to matching the proper feel and emotion of a piece. There are fundamentals which have to be mastered and then specializations and overall company ‘style’ which have to be developed. Mike understands all aspects of what’s required from a departmental overview standpoint, as well as delegating to those within the department to not only complete projects effectively, efficiently and do so across the board for each account exec’s clients. Often times production can get into a rut, with music choices and graphics, allowing style to become mundane and uninteresting —- with what we do, we have to innovate, be different and push the envelope. Mike understands this balance and walks it with ease and perhaps most importantly with an effective calmness.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-Founder): When you have that rare combination of someone who has technological know-how, tremendous creativity, and degree in art, you have Mike. He places an unmistakable stamp on his work that says a lot about his commitment to each and every project he takes on. Being around this industry as long as I have, I still have a heightened sense of anticipation every time Mike pokes his head into my office and says, “I have something to show you.”

Erica (Account Executive and Producer): Mike is one of the most creative and talented this industry has to offer. He cares so much about his work and is always willing to go the extra mile. His attention to detail shows his passion for what he does. If it’s not right the first time, he won’t stop until it is. Mike is someone you always feel comfortable bouncing ideas off and collaborating with. His positive attitude and enthusiasm makes our work environment a better place to be! Not only is he one of my favorite people creatively, he is one of my closest friends. Who he is as a person comes out in his work… professional, creative, entertaining, and passionate.

Josh (Editor): Mike is awesome. He is one of the hardest workers I know. I am lucky to be able to work with him every day and to call him one of my best friends.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Mike lights this place up every single day. His delightful weirdness is essential to the Oswego Creative team culture and he makes every day enjoyable. His hard work and pure joy for life inspire all of us to do better work each and every day. As a co-worker, a friend, and a dad – Mike is quite literally an actual ray of sunshine.