Anyone who is lucky enough to know or work with Zach knows he is one of a kind. Driven by his passion for great storytelling and documenting the world around us, he brings an air of creativity, vision and heart to everything he does. 

Some fun facts about Zach:

  • He was born in Denver, but has lived all over the country (including Houston, TX, Casper, WY and Breckenridge, CO) before finding his way back to the Mile High City.
  • Zach has always been a bit of a movie buff, but didn’t really discover his passion for cinematography until college.
  • His favorite part about working at Oswego has been the emphasis on creating professional content and good storytelling no matter what the project is.
  • He is the lead guitarist in a metal band.

Zach’s positive attitude and work ethic are infectious, and we are so grateful to have him on our team.

Adam (Director of Production): In the film world, some people just have a natural eye for good, clean aesthetics. Zach is one of those people. He understands what is going to work visually, and what isn’t. That understanding coupled with his infectiously positive attitude makes him invaluable on set. Zach easily adapts to the variety of filming conditions we are presented and he is able to stay open minded and do what’s best for the shot and the project.

Dom (VP & Executive Producer): Having a positive attitude at work doesn’t make you necessarily better at what you do… but it certainly doesn’t hurt and I would go as far as saying – in a team like ours – it matters, big time. Zach always has a good attitude towards the projects he’s involved with and how he approaches the people who are working on them with him. It makes the whole process easier, makes the end result better and allows me (personally) to get over the Monday morning blues easier to manage.

Mark (Producer): Zach answers the call no matter the task, and he always has a great attitude while doing it. Whether he’s lighting a scene, making an intricate dolly move, or setting gear as a grip, Zach makes it happen at a high a level. He’s someone you can count on, and we’re lucky to have him on our team.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): You know when you meet someone and you can just tell that they’re truly a good hearted person. That was Zach from Day One, he is just an all-around good guy. He not only works hard but every day he asks if there’s anything he can do to help out. We’re pretty lucky to have him.

Will (Editor): Zach is a talented, eager, and dynamic shooter who has a keen eye for motion and composition, but he’s more than that. He’s enthusiastic about his role in Oswego, not just in the field, but in the post-production process as well. His involvement across the breadth of a production means he makes valuable contributions from start to finish. Also, tattoos.

Erica (Producer): Wow, what an incredible addition Zach has been to our team! He is more than talented in every aspect of what he does and he seems to do it effortlessly. Zach inspires me to take difficult situations and make them interesting challenges. His shooting style is very unique and his presence alone on every shoot makes not just myself but everyone around him feel comfortable, appreciated and heard. He is a determined artist that is a force to be reckoned with. He is always two steps ahead, organized and forward thinking. In addition to his talent and professionalism on the job, off the job he is just an amazing human to be around. His kindness, intelligence and humor make having him as a friend a huge bonus. He is also a great partner to his fiance and will soon make a great hubby to her as well! Oh and if you can’t find him, he’s probably snowboarding while eating sushi and getting ink done.

Austin (Cinematographer & Editor): It’s great having another video professional on the team who also likes to get at it in the mountains and splitboard! In just the few months getting to know Zach, you can tell he is passionate about creating compelling stories that look and feel the best.

Anna (Office Manager): Zach is a good egg, and is such a pleasure to work with. He has the best demeanor – he is smart, humble and kind – and is dedicated to producing great content. 

Wendi (Social Media Specialist): Zach had me at “one of my favorite movies is Princess Bride” (because HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE CARY ELWES?!). On a serious note, Zach epitomizes what it is to be a great cinematographer. His love of the craft is apparent in everything he does which is incredibly inspiring. He is an overall good human bean, and it’s been awesome getting to work with and know him.