As you’ll quickly learn, in knowing Austin or by reading the below comments, Austin is the walking definition of dedication. His passion for his craft is apparent in his process and in each finished product he has his hands in. The role of Cinematographer & Editor can be grueling and is all behind-the-scenes work but Austin comes to work every day with a positive outlook and a smile.

Austin is also a scholar to his craft – there is never a moment that Austin isn’t learning, testing something new, or pushing his limits. We are extremely lucky to have Austin on our team!

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Austin is our outdoorsman who brings an edge to his work and a lack of fear of every unknown situation. We appreciate the young, fresh energy he brings to our table!

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): Austin brings a youthful enthusiasm to the Oswego mix. He came to us with a great deal of potential and he is working with our cinematographers and editors to bring out his best. I’m also happy that he can start wearing Cleveland Browns gear free of the ridicule he had to endure in the past!

Anna (Office Manager): Austin is a great addition to the team. He is quick with a smile and can always be counted on for punctuality and positivity.

Ben (Cinematographer): Austin’s abilities as editor give him a leg up on knowing which shots will work for the edit while shooting. Thanks, Austin for being an all-around great guy and a team player.

Josh (Editor & Cinematographer): Austin has an amazing work ethic. He’s usually the first in, last out. If he’s faced with a challenge that he doesn’t know the answer to, he’s quick to researching the topic and finding a solution. He’s very creative and likes to be outside of the box thinker. Austin always comes in with a great attitude and is fun to work around.

Laura (Director of Digital Marketing): Austin is creative, friendly, hard-working, enthusiastic, and dependable – exactly the type of person you want to work with. He is also magically capable of making friends wherever he goes… I once witnessed him (a staunch Browns fan) befriend a Raiders fan while the two teams were playing each other. I repeat…a RAIDERS FAN!

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Austin just truly cares. His positive attitude and friendly spirit help warm up this place. He shows his dedication day in and day out to our team by consistently being the first one in and the last one out. I know I can always count on him to give every project his all and he continues to learn and grow every single day. Oh yeah, and he brings snacks!

Dom (Executive Producer): Austin has grown a TON since coming on board with us. Passion for video only goes so far, there are smaller details of what ‘professionals’ do and he has done much to learn, listen and ‘live it’. He’s a great kid and we are lucky to have him.

Mark (Producer): He shows up, and puts in the work. That’s the best way to describe Austin. No matter where a shoot is, or what time a shoot starts, Austin will be there before you, and that speaks volumes. It’s so great to work with a guy like Austin, because I know I’m going to get his max-effort no matter the job, and I know he’s going to have a positive attitude throughout. He pushes me to be better, because I know he pushes himself to be better every day.

Mallory (Digital Marketing Coordinator): The first thing you’ll ever learn about Austin is that he loves his home state of Ohio. He takes some awesome pictures of his hobbies, like snowboarding. He’s a great addition to the Oswego team because of his talents with cinematography, and he’s always willing to speak his mind. Austin also helps the digital team by supplying us with content for social media. Go Browns and go Austin!

Adam (Director of Production): If you look up the definition of a hard worker in the dictionary I am pretty sure you’ll find a picture of Austin. He is dedicated to making sure that all of his projects get the time required to make it happen. Best of all, he knows how to stay calm when the pressure is on!

Erica (Producer): Austin is a pleasure to work with on the road and in office. Austin continually keeps a good attitude and creative eye at all times. I love his passion for video and his willingness to not only try new things but also be open to new concepts. When off the clock, I am telling him to get off the clock! Ha! He loves to sneak away and get extra shots on his own time and is looking for new ideas and trying new things. He won’t stop until he gets what he thinks the client needs and he truly cares about every single shot he takes. He knows how to push himself and be in a state of always learning. Truly Austin is not only a great co-worker but he’s just easy and fun to be around and he’s a great person and friend. He is also good at saving me from hitting someone with my laptop and bad at finding good sushi on the road.