I’ve been an avid video game nerd for the duration of my existence on this cosmic rock, so when I had an opportunity to work on a Kickstarter video for Cyber Knights: Flashpoint – a squad based RPG by the Trese Bros. – I was more excited than Link in a Pottery Barn. EYEAH!!

The Trese Bros. have been creating and selling games together for a decade, and Cyber Knights: Flashpoint was going to set a new high water mark for their game development. We were honored and ecstatic about the chance to work with them on their next big project.

We had a video conference call to get the ball rolling and talked specifics – target audience, size and scope of the project, deadlines – before getting to the single most important question: Would it be possible for me to appear as a character in this game?

 Andrew and Cory Trese flew out to Denver to shoot interstitials that would drive the video. We employed a three camera setup with a teleprompter, and within a day, we’d shot more than enough content to populate the video (and then some). Their understanding and vision of their product was on full display, and they had a loot crate filled with ideas and enthusiasm.

I began my work in the edit process armed with in-game music, illustrations, animations, and clear direction for the end goal. The Trese Bros. availability on the Discord platform – where they live to best serve their gaming community – allowed us to communicate in real time and in animated GIF (definitely pronounced like the peanut butter) format.

We were able to coordinate our efforts and work together to identify and overcome any unexpected obstacles, and after a handful of revisions, we’d put together a Kickstarter video to help drive their campaign.

After their project went live, it had been fully funded in under 12 hours, and as of writing this blog, they had secured almost $150k of contributions. An undeniable success and a testament not only to their work, but also the support from the community they built and developed over the last decade.

As their campaign winds down, it’s not too late to contribute and secure your own copy of Cyber Knights: Flashpoint here:


And if you’re wondering, you might even see yours truly if you dig into the campaign…

Thanks to the Trese Bros. for involving Oswego in this endeavor!