It is tough to think of where to begin when talking about the fearless leader of Oswego Creative, Bob Mizke, because Bob is absolutely everything to this organization. From the employees to the clients to the projects we execute – there is BOB written all over this place. And that is truly a good thing.

Bob, alongside the beautiful Bert, created Oswego Creative back in 1989 and has not stopped hustling since. Bob is all about hustle – he is the hardest working, most passionate, dedicated leader we could ask for here at Oswego Creative.

As the Beatles once sang… “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”. Bob has truly created so much love here at Oswego. He created a happy, hard-working, trusting, and loving environment here at Oswego Creative and we are all so blessed to be here.

These comments only scratch the surface of how much we all love and appreciate our fearless leader.

Josh (Editor): The first thing most people notice when spending just the slightest amount of time with this gentleman is that he is the definition of a family man. In my opinion that is his greatest attribute. I’ve had the great privilege of witnessing the wonderful things he does and the sacrifices he makes to provide all he can for his family. That is what makes Bob a great person. What makes Bob a great boss is that everyone who works for him he treats as family.

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Bob is not only the founder of Oswego Creative – he is the brains behind Oswego Creative. He has the entrepreneurial genius, which produces ideas, pathways, and growth opportunities for our business. He is the reason we have been around for 30 years!

Adam (Director of Photography): With over 20 years of experience as the leader of us Oswego Creative, Bob is more than capable of tackling any project that comes our way.   With his journalism background, Bob always tries to get to the heart of the story first and work from there.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Bob is one of those people that you know you want to have a beer with within 5 minutes of meeting him. He is a jovial, hilarious, and wise storyteller. When Bob talks, you want to listen. All of these attributes and so much more make Bob an incredible leader. But not only is Bob a fantastic leader and boss, he is an incredibly good person. If you have Bob in your corner, you are bound to succeed.

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Bob is arguably the most passionate and driven person I have ever had the privilege to work with. Bob’s passion and drive were the driving forces in the creation of Oswego and they continue to drive Oswego’s growth and success. But what really sets Bob apart is how much he cares. Bob totally invests himself in each and every project and completely dedicates himself to the needs of our clients. Because for Bob they aren’t just clients they are partners and friends that he wants the absolute best for. He truly cares about them as people and wants nothing but the best for them. Bob takes this level of caring even farther with our staff. Oswego is a family run business literally and figuratively. Bob deeply cares for every employee like they were a member of his own family. Because in his mind they are a part of his family, the Oswego family.

Erica (Account Executive and Producer): I’m not sure how in the world I got so lucky to land Bob as my boss. He really truly cares about each and every one of us here at Oswego. He can be very serious and give it to you straight but at the same time his sense of humor makes working for him fun. It is inspiring what he has done with this company from the very beginning until now.

Bob is one of the most honest and genuine people I’ve met. On top of that I have watched him make decision after decision and I am always in awe of how he knows what he wants and knows what is best for the company.

Most of all, Bob is a humble leader. By this I mean he is open to other people’s opinions, he doesn’t micromanage, he can admit to a mistake and he cares about other people’s needs.

Outside of work, he and his wife Bert have been a great example of what a happy marriage looks like. He is also the sweetest grandpa and father! Bob turns into a mushy teddy bear the minute his grandkids walk into the office!

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Bob has three daughters and four granddaughters but he is definitely “Dad” to the whole office. He cracks jokes and even cracks the whip when necessary but you always know that he’s there with everyone’s best interest at heart. He works harder than anyone and carries the weight of knowing everyone in the company is provided for. He is incredibly understanding of life outside the office and every time I bring my kids into work he switches into grandpa mode to run around and play with them. Who could ask for more out of a boss? Whether it’s work or personal, I couldn’t be more thankful for everything Bob has provided throughout the years. He really is an amazing boss, friend, father and all around great guy.

Dom (Executive Producer): Bob is unapologetically determined.

Determined to always push the limits of what we are capable of; both of what we offer as a service to our clients and by extension what we individually and collectively can achieve.

Bob is unbelievably loyal, almost to a fault.

He ALWAYS puts the interest of others ahead of himself; with his family, his children, his grandchildren and he’s run this company that way as well from day one.

Bob is a visionary.

Internet video today is the #1 way for any business to communicate. Bob was building this company in his basement before anyone knew how explosive the industry would/could become or ultimately how many families his determination, loyalty and vision would affect one day.

Oswego Creative is more than a company because of Bob, it’s a family… and in today’s world – is there anything better?

Matthew (Account Executive and Producer): A lot of people believe that TALENT is great athletic ability or the mastery of an artistic endeavor, and that is talent, but Bob Mizke is talented in a different way. Bob has a talent for creatively solving our client’s problems. He has a talent for understanding the client’s needs and translating that into words and/or video. Bob has a talent for being a good friend and a great boss. And after watching him raise his three daughters, I know he is a talented father. If you ask his wife, she might even say he is a talented husband. He might not be a great athlete, but he is still VERY talented.

Anna (Office Manager): The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

Not just an urban myth he’s the real deal. At the helm of Oswego Creative Bob’s leadership has brought countless ideas to life, which has enabled our company to bring superior video production and unparalleled results to our clients. I know him to be the kind of business owner America needs more of. He is the true embodiment of integrity and excellence.

Bob is funny, charismatic, and genuine. He treats everyone like family. It’s a true pleasure to work here at Oswego for a boss like Bob.