Dominic Giarratano is the Executive Producer at Oswego Creative, in our line of business this means that Dom is the quarterback of the OC football team. He sets up the play and together we execute.

Dom was one of the earlier hires at Oswego Creative and has been making a name for himself here, and in the industry, ever since. He may seem like a tough nut to crack, but sit him down and talk shop, Broncos, and especially his daughters and you will see his eyes light up!

Dom is a visionary and we are exceptionally lucky to have him as our Executive Producer.


Mike (Director of Post-Production): Dom is always focused on driving things forward. He looks at every moving part and tries to get the most out of each of them. I know when he calls me into his office and says, “Hey, take a look at this” he is already thinking of ways we can utilize new techniques on something he has in the works. When we collaborate on projects and plan for the message, shoot, and edit I know there is nothing we can’t do. On a personal level, he softens up as soon as he hears little voices running down the hall. He gets this big grin and wide-eyed excitement when his girls come to the office. I admire the way he can jump from a serious conversation to light-hearted playtime like that.

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Dominic Giarratano has the same passion that founded Oswego. His ability to take on new paths that can open more business reminds me of Bob’s mission of thirty years. He represents the company with professionalism, class, and knowledge. Hats off to our new Executive Producer!

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Dom’s evolution at Oswego Creative has been quite impressive. When I joined Oswego, Dom had already established himself as an extremely talented producer and a great on-air talent. In the subsequent years, he has developed into an extremely savvy businessman with a keen understanding of the ins and outs of video production with the unique ability to share the value of video to current and new clients. His identification of the Private Clubs vertical and building that into a growing revenue stream showcases his vision and leadership. But the most impressive thing about Dom is his drive and passion for the work. Dom sets an extremely high bar for himself, which provides a great example to the rest of the organization. Leading by example, Dom shows us all how we all need to work to support our clients and to grow our business. The future is bright for Oswego with Dom lead the organization forward into new areas and a vision of what can be done with the power of video.

Anna (Office Manager): What sets Dom apart is his passion and commitment to quality. His professionalism and the rapport he maintains with the clients is an integral part of Oswego’s success. And perhaps as his best accomplishment, he is part of a dynamic duo that made two amazing little girls!

Matthew (Account Executive & Producer): A person who is dedicated is devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity – that’s Dom. Dominic Giarratano is dedicated to work and to his family, which makes him a valuable asset to the Oswego team.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Dom is definitely a driving force behind the success of Oswego Creative. His belief in going all in and never settling for the status quo serves him well in all aspects of his life. I admire Dom in that he never wavers from his true self, with him you always know that you are going to get a passionate, laser-focused, striving-for-better man whether that be for conversion rates on the next campaign or a new beer to try. And even better, Dom melts and his eyes light up when the three ladies in his life walk through the door – a true indication of his good-natured character.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): It seems like yesterday when Dom came on board at Oswego. I remember working with him on his first stand – up in front of an IBEW-installed ball field scoreboard when he joined me on a shoot in San Mateo, CA. Now, he’s Executive Producer, in charge of production for the company that has been my pride and joy for almost 30 years. His knowledge of the industry, combined with his creativity has made it so.

Josh (Editor): A is for ambition, which is the start of Dom’s vocabulary. Always looking to better himself and the company. He knows and does what it takes to build and maintain success.

Erica (Account Executive & Producer): The first thing I ever noticed about Dom is how hard he works! He puts undivided attention and effort into every project he takes on. Dom continues to have a positive outlook and is always looking forward towards the next chapter for Oswego. I also admire his ability to communicate our product to potential clients so well. It’s not easy to travel as much as he does and still stay on top of things as not only an executive producer but also managing the staff. I’m not sure how he does it all! Even after all he has accomplished, his adorable family takes the cake. He and his wife have raised the cutest, sweetest little firecracker girls and I look forward to watching them grow!

Adam (Director of Photography): Dominic Giarratano approaches every day at Oswego Creative with leadership and integrity. He is thoughtful and listens to all feedback from clients and coworkers alike. I am truly excited to see where Oswego can go with him in charge.