We have clients all over the country so the Oswego Creative team travels quite a bit, and that’s an understatement. In any given week our producers and videographers are in 5 different cities with back-to-back shoots spanning across the country. Who is the calm in this logistics storm? Kathryn Giarratano.

As the daughter of Bob and Bert, Kat is a natural in this creative chaos. She handles messy schedules with ease, creating order from chaos on a daily basis. To put it lightly, if it weren’t for Kat, we might all be stuck in an airport somewhere across the country.

We are all so thankful for the beautiful, elegant, and organized by Kathryn Giarratano.


Matthew (Account Executive & Producer): Kathryn is a GREAT mom to two beautiful girls. She takes care of them every day and does it selflessly. But as our Travel Coordinator, she takes care of all of us when the airlines won’t (and it happens a lot). All I can say is, “Thank You, Kat” for being our mom when we are on the road. You have saved me more than once, twice…

Dom (Executive Producer): Knowing full well the scope of what’s required of her position; though not as intensive as some others, travel is critical to our operation and Kat does it without ever complaining or an ounce of frustration. Often times it’s by the light of her computer screen late at night or when the kids play by themselves for 10 minutes when things get done. She is undeniably detailed and a huge asset to our operation.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Whenever I hear the adorable little voices echoing through the office, I know that Kathryn isn’t far behind. She brings a world full of smiles with her when the girls and she come into the office. They are always so happy and looking for fun. On a special occasion when both my girls and hers are in the office I know that it’ll be “Princess Adventure Club” for the rest of the day. Kathryn’s sweetness and beauty brighten up the office every time she comes in.

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Kathryn is the ultimate professional serving as our travel organizer and as an on-air talent. She untangles the most complicated travel details and produces work that’s never questioned. Everyone at OC appreciates her attention to detail. Her soft personality is just the icing on the cake.

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Probably the most unique aspect of the work we do at Oswego are the locations and places that we travel to produce stories for our clients. From the oil sands in Canada to 5-star resorts in Florida – there aren’t many places that an Oswego Creative team hasn’t been to. And getting to these locations often requires compressed schedules and multi-leg trips that might change on a dime. We could easily spend all of our time just dealing with travel logistics and still not get it all scheduled correctly. Lucky for us we don’t have to do this because we have a travel logistics superstar in Kathryn Giarratano. It is amazing how Kat is able to juggle all of these travel arrangements without missing a beat. It is so reassuring knowing that we can focus on producing great videos for our clients because we know that all the travel plans are in safe hands with Kat.

Anna (Office Manager): A crucial part of what happens at Oswego happens behind the scenes. Kathryn does a magnificent job or coordinating the puzzle that is our travel schedules and per diem rates. She handles all this while being an incredible mom and an even more incredibly stylish woman. Kat is definitely a breath of fresh air when we get to have her in the office.

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): Take a week. Any week. I have to go from Denver to San Jose to Washington, DC to LA. Dom needs to go to Florida. Adam needs to meet him there – from Boston. Matthew is heading to Chicago. Erica is making a swing through the Great Lakes on a shoot. Oh, and they need hotels and rental cars.   But wait. The flight to Chicago is canceled and we need a new plan of attack. Of course, we also need fares we can gag down. Then, when it’s all over, the bills have to be reconciled in our accounting system. Oh, and wait again…she has a five-year-old and a three-year-old, one tugging at each arm.

Welcome to Kathryn’s world. She is an unsung hero in the way Oswego handles business. I shudder to think of the chaos that would reign without her!

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Kathryn Giarratano is a walking, talking “Pinspiration” board. She is a classy, edgy, bada$$ boss that handles everything that comes her way with ease, and looks amazing while doing it. She is a fantastic mom, wife, friend, and all-around phenomenal female. I absolutely look up to Kat, figuratively…not literally. Also, do yourself a favor and check out her amazing line of jewelry!

Josh (Editor): Kat is extremely nice, she is always smiling, and is a great conversationalist.

Adam (Director of Photography): When you travel as much as we do for our line of work it is important to have blind faith in the person who is dealing with your travel logistics. I have never once had to worry about Kat’s ability to get us to where we need to be with what we need, all on time. On top of all of it, she is a rock star mom at home who also juggles the needs of us “kids” here at Oswego.

Erica (Account Executive & Producer): It’s been said that one of the hardest jobs in the world is a stay at home mom who also has a job working from home… Kat amazes me how she pulls this all off! Not only is she a great mom but she keeps all of us here at Oswego in line with our finances and travel. On top of this, she runs her own jewelry business. So you would think you would catch her running around trying to keep it all together resembling a hot mess… but no. She basically walks around gracefully, looking flawless always and never misses opportunities to do kind things for others and help out. Kat has a big smile and a big heart and I am thankful to know her!