Mark joined the OC team on the very first working day of 2018 – and it’s no coincidence that Oswego Creative is having one of our best years yet. Not only are we producing extremely strong and aesthetically beautiful content for our clients, we are working cohesively as a team and Mark is absolutely a leader in that charge.

There is never a day that Mark comes to work, whether that’s in the office or on location, and doesn’t ask himself “how can I make this better?”

We are extremely lucky to have Mark on our team. Mark, we appreciate your hard work! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Bert (Executive VP and Co-founder): Mark has quietly stepped into the Oswego family working as a producer and writer while delivering top-notch videos.  He’s a perfect fit for Oswego with his energy, professionalism, and kind spirit.  We are thrilled to have him!

Bob (President, Chief Creative Officer, and Co-founder): There are times when Oswego Creative is similar Denver International Airport under a severe thunderstorm watch; all these planes circling overhead with a terminal full of people below, waiting for them to land.

At any given moment at Oswego each producer/account exec has several different projects up in the air, all at various stages of production or post-production, all waiting to wait their turn for completion and to be sent off for client approval.  It’s a good feeling to know that projects Mark is responsible for all seem to land as soft as a butterfly with sore feet, and the end product looks fantastic. Mark is a great addition to our team and in a very short time has proven he can take on a simple project and make it great, or a great project and make it fantastic.

Anna (Office Manager): There are so many things to admire about Mark. Things like his cool confident posture, his organization and follow through, and his work ethic topped with endless creative talent make him the perfect colleague. A wonderful addition to the Oswego Team!

Bill (VP of Marketing and Operations): Mark brings a unique mix of creativity and organization to every project that he works on. This combination allows him to not only develop amazingly creative executions for our clients but his approach to his work allows everyone to have a voice in the project while maximizing all the resources dedicated to the project. Mark’s approach is a win/win for the client and Oswego Creative. Plus he drives a killer muscle car, which makes him by far the coolest guy that works here.

Josh (Editor & Cinematographer): Mark is a great team player – he’s a leader that also listens. He’s become a bridge between departments, making sure we are all on the same page and talking the same language. Mark also has a great attitude and mentality about work. He always tried to find the best part of any situation and never goes negative.

Laura (Digital Marketing Manager): Mark is kind, engaging, charismatic, and motivated. His dedication to betterment – whether it’s in the gym at 3:30 in the morning (gotta get that workout in!) or sitting down with clients and coworkers alike to ask the tough questions – is a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoy Mark as a person and as a teammate here at OC.

Mike (Director of Post-Production): Mark is an extremely dedicated person who motivates everyone around him. Not only does he work hard on every video he produces, he also welcomes all critiques and strives to constantly better himself. Whether were throwing creative ideas around, wrapping our heads around the best way to tell a story or having an existential conversation about the meaning of life, it’s always a good time with Mark. You friggin’ rock Mahk!

Dom (Executive Producer): Mark is one calculated individual. And as a producer, you have to be. Need to fully understand what the intended direction of a piece should be; from the client’s perspective within the abilities of the creative team and the timeframe that’s available.

He’s a pro. Plain and simple. A major asset to our team and an upgrade to our entire operation.

Mallory (Digital Marketing Coordinator): Mark is an awesome coworker! He’s hardworking, caring, and goes above and beyond everyday. When he first came to Oswego he even sat down with his coworkers so he could better understand our jobs. And some of us don’t even work with him on a daily basis! If that doesn’t show his dedication and willingness to learn, I don’t know what does. Not only does Mark give 110% every day, he also is a genuinely nice person. We are lucky to have him! And, I find myself saying ya’ll a lot more ever since he started working here. Yeehaw!

Adam (Director of Photography): Mark is the true definition of a creative producer. He’s got tons of good ideas for how to bring a story life. He has the ability to meet new people, make them feel comfortable and get them to open up and tell the best version of their story. That coupled with a killer work ethic and I would say Mark has been a pretty awesome addition to our producing lineup.