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No matter what the industry, audience, or product you are trying to promote and sell, Oswego Creative is dedicated to taking your message and empowering it through creative, engaging and targeted video productions. Our video communications production company produces high-quality video communication focused on connecting with audiences through creative and inventive approaches delivered on the most relevant platforms. Ranging from TV advertising to corporate video productions, Oswego Creative has established itself as a leader in visual communications.

Your Story is Our Story.

Oswego Creative’s mission is to create video executions that effectively communicate key messages within organizations by helping grow brand awareness, speak to current and potential customers, or educate, train and market products and services. For more than 20 years, Oswego Creative has effectively produced award-winning video communication products for virtually every industry. This gives us a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t, no matter what the field. As a full-service production organization, Oswego Creative will work with you from development of your initial concept to discovery, writing, filming and editing — all the way to the marketing of the final product.

Our work is driven by our passion for creativity and purpose as well as our dedication to delivering true value to each of our clients. Each project begins by collaborating with the client to create a visual blueprint of the final product. We understand that trendy or clever doesn’t necessarily translate to effective, so our creative team focuses on developing the most relevant message, execution and marketing approach for each and every project. Beginning with our discovery interview process, we immerse ourselves in your business to ensure that each production accurately captures your story so that you can reach your intended audience in the most efficient way.

No matter how big the client or project, Oswego Creative understands what budgets, deadlines and requirements really mean. With every project, Oswego Creative strikes the balance between creativity, technical expertise and production experience in order to capture the needs of your organization.

Oswego Creative tries to embody the fact that bigger isn’t always better. We are a small group of dedicated and passionate professionals focused on delivering the best for our clients. Oswego Creative provides a level of detail to every project that you would expect not from a vendor but from a member of your internal communication team. That is because that is what we consider ourselves — not just a hired gun, but a dedicated member of your company.

We understand that opportunity is something that cannot be easily scheduled, so Oswego Creative is ready whenever and wherever you need us to be. You are never more than just a phone call away from any member of our organization to discuss any aspect of your project or future needs. Let us prove our dedication and purpose by calling us today.