Video Trends to Expect in 2017

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what we see are some of the most significant trends in video marketing for the year ahead. In this day and age technology seems to advance right before our eyes, so choosing which trends to focus on wasn’t an easy task,
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25 Video Facts for 2017

On this blog we have stressed the reasons why video is so important to your marketing strategy. As we start a new year we thought it would be helpful to provide some interesting data points about the impact video has had and will continue to have in 2017. Impact of
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How To Effectively Use Live Stream Video

Live Stream Blog

The value of video to marketing and social media strategies is well documented. Video is no longer a “Nice To Have” it is a “Must Have”. Up until last year, marketing video was one directional and without the ability for you and your audience to interact in real time. With
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The ABCs of Media Buying

ABC Media Buying Blog

Media Buying Terms You Should Know Looking for an introductory guide to media buying? Look no further. Oswego Creative is providing an infographic of the ABCs of media buying. Check it out! Are you looking to learn more about Media Buying or want to chat with the Oswego Creative team
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